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The majority of homeowners don't think about cleaning their gutters unless they have stopped working entirely. The problem with that is leaves and debris are constantly building up inside the gutter system and over time they lead to blockages which hamper water flow and as the water backs up into the leaves and different parts of the house; it eventually leads to dry rot. This is one of the causes of interior damage as your walls and ceilings start to absorb water. Homeowners could benefit from regular gutter cleaning to keep damage to the house at a minimal.

A large number of home owners have clogged gutters but haven't yet noticed the symptoms or taken them seriously. Cracking foundations and a flooded basement are fairly common symptoms of a clogged gutter system. If water isn't properly drained from the house it tends to pool around the house's foundation, and over time it expands, especially during the cold season, and when it freezes it causes cracks which in turn lead to cracks in your crawl space or basement.

Falling leaves can cause significant damage to your home. The first thing you should do is contact a Gutter Cleaning Professionals expert; people tend to get lazy when it comes time to clean the gutter especially during the holidays but the problem with that is cold temperatures make it difficult to clean gutters. When ice and snow builds up inside the gutter system the process of getting leaves and debris out becomes more challenging and time consuming.

Contacting Gutter Cleaning Professionals could save your home from gradual decay and ruin.

Clogged gutters can cause multiple problems for a homeowner, which if not immediately corrected can lead them to incur large amounts of money in repairs and maintenance. Here are some of the more common problems caused by clogged and leaking gutters:

  • Rotten wood: as debris piles up above the shingle or flashing line, it absorbs and holds moisture on the fascia board. As the moisture builds up the leaves and debris brings the water up from the gutter onto the fascia, acting as a wick. This moisture damages the framing and roof sheathing, costing homeowners thousands in repairs.
  • Animals and insects: as water pools in areas clogged by debris, it tends to draw in mosquitoes and all sorts of bugs, which in turn bring birds and larger insects. Mice can also make a clogged gutter their home and if they stay long enough they can do some serious damage to the house.
  • Cracked foundations and leaking basements: clogged gutters are the main reason for basement water problems. If water overflows around the house it builds up on the foundation and this is usually followed by leaks which compromise the foundation and cause cracks.
  • Sagging and cracking driveways. The same buildup in water can cause driveways to sag and crack over time, and that would cost you a significant amount of money to repair.

Most gutter cleaning professional experts recommend that gutters be cleaned three or four times every year- in spring, summer, and twice during fall- to ensure that leaves, flowers, buds, twigs and small bits of bark don't build up in the system. Homeowners should watch out for evergreens because they shed needles and bits of debris all year; and asphalt runs down into the system after a rainstorm, inevitably clogging the drainage system.

Gutter leaks are caused by a number of reasons including crackled caulking in the seams and holes. Expert gutter cleaners scrape off the old caulking, and then clean and dry the area so that they can install new bead silicon sealing to prevent water from leaking out and damaging the boards. The rivets and downspouts have to be checked as well, and if not properly secured they have to be secured with a rivet gun, which a professional gutter cleaning contractor would have in his possession.

Many homeowners would prefer not to deal with the mechanics of cleaning and repairing gutters but luckily they can hire Gutter Cleaning Professionals to examine and fix any problems caused by clogging and flooding. If you suspect your gutter might be housing all sorts of debris or you'd like to keep your new house free of cracked basements and rotting walls then you should contact Gutter Cleaning Professionals and have a professional examine the gutter system to establish the best course of action. A little home maintenance can go a long way but if you put it off it could end up costing you more in the long run.

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